How to Sharpen Dog Clipper Blades

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In order to keep a dog clipper in the best working condition, it is essential to give them the required maintenance. This maintenance helps to make your dog clippers easy to use and ensures the safety of your pup. In this guide, we will explain the process of how to sharpen dog clipper blades. So let’s jump into it.

The Tools You May Need

Before sharpening the dog clipper, you need some basic tools. Below are some of the tools and their usage.


This tool is necessary to open the clipper blades. There are usually two screws in each clipper head, which hold the blades.


To sharpen the blades, you need two different stones. One stone with 3000-4000 grit range and other with 8000 grit for a finer gritting.

Water spray bottle

To keep the gritting stone wet, you need a spray bottle. Spray water after a while when sharpening the blades to reduce the level of heat generation.

A cloth

Use a soft and dry cloth to removing metal particles from the sharpening stones.

Cleaning solution

This type of solution helps to clean the blades and protect them from getting rust.

Clipper oil

Lubricating the blades is crucial for the performance of the blades; therefore, you need a clipper oil to lubricate the blades properly.

Step-by-Step Guide

To sharpen the blades, make sure to follow these quick and easy steps.

Remove the screws

First thing first, unplug the clipper or switch it off properly. After that, remove the screws and keep them at a safe place. Next, free the blades by carefully sliding them down.

There are a few clippers, which have a latch with a button. Push the button to release the blades. Be careful when handling the blades, as you can break their teeth if dropped on the ground.

There are two sets of blades, one is the stationary blade, and the other is the reciprocating blades. Keep both these blades safely on the table.

Remove the hair

Use a small brush to remove even the smallest hair from the blades. Follow the same procedure to brush hair out of the clipper head. Keeping the blades clean and dry is crucial for the sharpening process.

Soak the whetstones in water

Prior to using both the whetstones, make sure to dip them in the water for at least 10 minutes. This will allow them to soak the required amount of water. Water acts as a lubricant and improves the performance of the stone. You also need to spray water on the stone while gritting the blades.

Start with coarse stone

You need to start the sharpening process with the coarse stone. Just place the blade on the flat middle surface of the stone. Using the 4000 gritstone is essential for primary gritting. Put the edges of the blade on the stone and move it up and down by applying consistent pressure with your fingers.

While gritting the edges of the blade, keep in mind to apply even pressure on all the teeth. Be careful, as applying too much pressure can cause the blade teeth to break down. Once you have finished with one side of the blade, repeat the procedure on the opposite side as well.

When sharpening both the blades, don’t forget to spray water on the stone. It will help to reduce friction and protect the blades from breaking down. After sharpening the blades on coarse stone, just wipe them with a soft cloth.

Use 8000 grit stone for fine sharpening

Repeat the process as mentioned above but with the 8000 gritstone. It will make fine adjustments to the already sharpen blades. After sharpening both the blades, clean them with a dry cloth.

Lubricate the blades

Once the sharpening process is over, apply a small amount of oil onto the blades. Rub the blades with a cotton ball or paper towel. You need to be careful while applying the oil; lubricate the blades but don’t leave excess oil on the blades because the oil will attract small hairs, which may lower the performance of a dog clipper.

Reassemble the clipper

In the end, just reassemble the clipper by inserting the blades and securing them with the screws. Tighten up the screws carefully, as excessive pressure can damage the screws. With this, your clipper is once again ready to trim the hair of your furry friend.


Using a rusty and dull set of dog clippers on your pooch is asking for trouble. It not only takes more time to trim your dog's hair, but it also causes pain to the pup as it pulls on their fur. By sharpening the clipper blades, you can improve the overall performance of the dog clipper.

To maintain your dog clipper, keeping it in immaculate condition, make sure to clean it thoroughly after every use. Oil the blades regularly to keep them sharp for an extended time. And make sure you reassemble the clipper correctly when you're done.

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